Who We Are

Customer Connect Australia was founded in 2003 with the express aim of helping clients generate greater value from the relationships they have with their clients in a way that is mutually beneficial for their respective customers.

The principles and methods we’ve developed over the past 12 years can adapt to any customer ‘type’ to drive performance - be they donors, employees, partners, members, alumni, consumers or other businesses.

In each of these relationships we have found one thing to be true across all customer ‘types’ - people want to be treated with respect, to be valued and to be rewarded for their loyalty. So that’s what we do.

We work with commercial and not-for-profit organisations alike - equally comfortable working with  financial services firms, pharmaceutical companies and telecommunications providers as with charities and universities. Whatever the organisation, there are always a wide range of stakeholders with a wide range of needs, but the universal truth is that relationships with all of these stakeholders are best served by adopting a customer mindset.

We believe in getting results, not just writing reports that sit on the shelf. Our normal engagement involves some strategy work, quickly moving into enabling the client organisation to improve customer competencies, value creation and ultimately customer outcomes. We rely heavily on knowledge transfer through inclusive consulting practices such as workshops to not only deliver results but also enable the client to develop customer competencies in-house.

The 2 principals of Customer Connect, John Turnbull and Ross Smith possess a unique combination of skills and experience in Customer Excellence encompassing its entire scope; from high level strategic consulting advice through to detailed management and execution of many successful projects.

They also bring a combination of external consultancy, sales, service and marketing experience in executive management roles with end-user organisations which mean their recommendations are pragmatic and doable.


Our hands-on approach...

A good example of our hands-on approach is our work on value propositions. We have been engaged by a number of organisations in financial services and telecommunications in the last two years to develop customer value propositions. In all cases, we have facilitated the creation of an organisation-wide proposition, but have then worked with the client to develop value understanding, proposition and realisation capabilities in customer-facing personnel. In many cases these capabilities have then been built into orientation programs, training programs and competency frameworks.

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