Customer Excellence Assessments

Customer Connect Australia can assess your organisation's customer practices in a range of ways. Our assessments allow you to make the right decisions in prioritising and focusing your customer excellence program. We offer three levels of assessment:

Quick Check - a simple online assessment which you can undertake for free. Quick Check is designed to give you an initial feel for customer excellence and allow you to evaluate whether a more comprehensive assessment would be worthwhile for your organisation. Free analysis and feedback of results are provided to the organisation email address that you nominate. More detailed analysis, recommendations and a formal report are available for a small fee. Scroll down this page to start your Quick Check assessment - it takes less than ten minutes!

SCHEMAâ„¢: SCHEMA (previously CMAT) is the globally-recognised benchmark in customer management best practice. SCHEMA assesses your internal customer management practices across all aspects of your organisation, and allows you to compare your performance to global benchmarks. SCHEMA assessments use an evidence-based interview approach. Click here for more information on SCHEMA.

Customer Excellence Professional: This assessment allows you to compare internal and external perspectives, considering staff, management and customer feedback. Gap analysis then allows you to address disparities between the views of these three audiences. For example, management may feel you have a good value proposition, but customers may not know, staff may not deliver it and your proposition may be undifferentiated from competitors. Assessment data are collected through online surveys, resulting in minimal impact on your business. Once the data is collected, Customer Connect can analyse your value chain, customer capabilities and absolute customer excellence performance in order for you to structure a customer excellence program to achieve maximum business impact. Click here to request information on Customer Excellence Professional.

Customer Excellence Quick Check
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