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Most businesses inherently appreciate the importance of the customer. Very few organisations, however, manage their customer assets well. For example, the global benchmark in customer best practice, SCHEMAâ„¢, is currently averaging around 35%.

How well does your organisation manage the acquisition of new customers to ensure the "best" customers, with highest lifetime value, are acquired over lower value (LTV) customers? What is your customer retention rate, and how can it be improved? Do you have a large share-of-customer in your existing customer base?

These questions and more are at the heart of optimising customers, developing stronger relationships that last longer and ultimately delivering greater value to both the customer and your organisation. Customer Connect Australia has specialised in tackling these issues over the last decade or so, across a wide range of businesses including telecommunications, financial services, consumer goods and high technology.

Our work often starts with developing a customer and segment strategy. We then build competency in customer intimacy and value propositions, before mapping and enhancing the skills, processes and capabilities of the organisation. Finally, we work on the total value chain and the performance measures across it, to ensure measures and incentives are driving business performance.


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