Capability Assessment
  • Accredited SCHEMA™ assessments; SCHEMA™ is the global benchmark for customer management best practice
  • Database of best practices based on over 800 assessments worldwide
  • Comprehensive, quantified performance across 260 practices in 12 areas
  • To find out more about our three levels of assessment, click here
Customer Capabilities

Managing customers and stakeholders effectively takes more than just good intentions and good luck. High-performing organisations recognise that customer capabilities must be constantly assessed, developed and improved in order to acquire, retain and grow high-value customers.

Whilst other organisational capabilities, such as managing accounts or inventory, have an established framework of best practice, customer management is often not well understood. The worldwide performance for customer management averages only 35% according to the global benchmark, SCHEMA™.

Customer Connect Australia has a long history with helping organisations to improve their customer management capabilities. We are accredited SCHEMA™ assessors and we have developed a wide range of our own tools and methodologies to assist organisations in this area.

Competency Models
  • Employee competency frameworks across all areas of customer management
  • Maturity models for employee assessments
  • Integration with HR, job descriptions and performance measures
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM capability assessment; systems, data quality, user experience
  • CRM system evaluation and selection
  • CRM business implementation and quality assurance
Process Refinement
  • Business process mapping across internal and external stakeholders (swimlane model)
  • Process assessment using business objective, customer objectives and critical success factors
  • Collaborative process redesign involving key parties, reducing change management issues
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