Customer Value Research
  • Qualitative research including focus groups, depth interviews and feedback analysis
  • Quantitative content analysis to identify value drivers and profiles
  • Comprehensive reporting including consulting recommendations
Value Proposition and Management

Long term sustainable relationships are built on mutual value. What value does the stakeholder derive from the relationship? Conversely, what value is created for the organisation by the stakeholder? Understanding value, how it is created and how it can be sustained over time are essential components for the acquitiion and retention of customers and other stakeholders.

Value management starts with stakeholder identification and value profiling - what do
customers see value in? This leads to the construction of effective value propositions,
value co-creation processes and value measures. In turn, assessment of customer lifetime value, taking into account retention rates and future margin, is a key element in determining value back to your organisation.


Value Profiling
  • Value profiles (graphs) highlighting customer / segment value drivers
  • Derived from customer communications and interviews
  • Essential for the formation of customer-centric value propositions
Value Co-Creation
  • Strategies to create value for both the organisation and stakeholders
  • Value realisation - ensuring customers realise the value in the proposition
  • Mutual value creation that leads to sustainable, long-term relationships
Value Proposition
  • Value proposition hierarchy; organisation-level, segment-level, account-level
  • Value statements linked with organisation capabilities
  • Evidence to support the value proposition
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