Lifetime Value
  • LTV calculations taking into account past value, current performance and future potential
  • Key components include margin, retention and cost-to-serve
  • The best measure to use in making strategic decisions re customers and stakeholders
Customer Performance and Measurement

Customer performance is central to organisation performance. Organisations do things that lead to good or bad customer experiences. These in turn lead to customer outcomes such as acquisition, retention and share of wallet which in turn determine overall organisation performance.

Managing customer performance requires the development and implementation of the right measures. It's no use implementing an advocacy measure such as Net Promoter Score if you are in an industry which customer's typically won't recommend!

Customer Connect Australia specialises in the development and implementation of measurement frameworks that optimise the usefullness to the organisation with real, actionable measure linked to strategic outcomes. These include retention, share of customer, loyalty, advocacy, identification, effort and preference.

Value Chain
  • Integrated measurement framework across customer capabilities, experience, outcomes and organisation performance
  • Correlation between customer competencies and overall performance
  • Quantify the value of customer experience and engagement
Loyalty Measures
  • Exclusive preference; "I only use..."
  • Identification; "X is my brand..."
  • Non-contested resign; "We won't go to tender on..."
  • Advocacy; "I would recommend X to a friend..."
Lifecycle Measures
  • Acquisition - the likelihood of future business, including win-backs
  • Retention - rate of customer retention, re-sign; probability of future revenues
  • Share of customer - growth or development across product lines
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