Public Sector

Public sector organisations are increasingly expected to understand and manage their key stakeholders rather than just deliver a service. In many cases, this translates into taking a "customer" focus to constituents, rate payers, clients, funding organisations and the public. Furthermore, social value is increasingly recognised as a key determinant in public sector success.

How well does your organisation understand the value of your services to your "customers"? How well are your services aligned with key stakeholders to ensure ongoing funding and support? What is your customer performance, and how can it be improved?

These questions and more are at the heart of optimising value, developing stronger relationships that last longer and ultimately deliver greater performance in the public sector. Customer Connect Australia has specialised in tackling these issues over the last decade or so, across a wide range of organisations in the business, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Our work often starts with developing a customer and segment strategy. We then build competency in customer intimacy and value propositions, before mapping and enhancing the skills, processes and capabilities of the organisation. Finally, we work on the total value chain and the performance measures across it, to ensure measures and incentives are driving performance.

In recent years, our work has become increasingly research-based. We are currently involved in a number of research projects, looking at social value, value propositions and social impact.


Sedna Australia

Sedna Australia is a division of Customer Connect Australia, specialising in stakeholder and social value consulting services in environmental contexts. Our work includes social value assessment and social impact assessment, particularly in marine and coastal areas. We are currently conducting research into the social value of Sydney Harbour and the wider Hawkesbury Bioregion at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science.


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