Stakeholder Mapping
  • Identify high-value stakeholders including customers, partners and supporters
  • Map value drivers, relationship status and performance / importance gaps
  • Construct value profiles to inform the value proposition
Customer / Stakeholder Strategy

Customer / Stakeholder strategy is a key part of organisation strategy. In customer-centric organisations, one of the first strategic steps is to decide which customers / stakeholders we are going to serve, with what value proposition(s). This then guides subsequent strategic decisions such as product / service offerings, geographic locations, employment and skill development.

Other aspects to strategy include segmentation, customer lifecycle management and engagement strategies.

Value-Based Segmentation
  • Multi-layer segmentation to support segment-level strategies and propositions
  • Value perception (needs-based) segmentation to inform the customer dialogue
  • Customer worth segmentation, monetary and non-monetary, to inform resource allocation.
Experience Design
  • Journey and experience mapping
  • Customer engagement strategies, enabled by experience design
  • Explicitly designed experience to achieve particular strategic outcomes
Customer Lifecycle
  • Identify lifecycle stages from prospect through to win-back
  • Customer lifetime valuation by lifecycle stage to inform strategy
  • Journey mapping to increase customer migration to high-value stages
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